No other part of our business is more important than safety


NPA Ltd. is committed to the prevention of accidents and injuries by embarking on a journey to zero work place incidents. We seek to ensure the health and safety of all employees by providing safe working environments, by developing safe work practices and by providing employees with safety and environmental training. We will maintain a safe and healthful work environment in accordance with industry standards as well as compliance with federal and provincial safety legislation.

Our company recognizes that accidental loss can be controlled through good management in combination with active employee participation. Safety and the protection of the environment are the direct responsibility of every employee.

In 2017 we are partnering with Caterpillar Safety Services to help engage our entire organization in a culture of zero-incident performance. Together we will travel along our safety journey by applying industry best practices, continuous improvement processes and the latest technologies to see, mitigate and manage risks.

NPA Ltd. has developed an Environmental Management System that meets international standards, and a Protection Plan designed to prevent damage to the environment. This involves extensive employee training, hazard assessment, monitoring and inspection of sites and enforcement of policies and procedures. The Environmental Protection Plan deals extensively with emergency response to any environmental incidents.

Safety Manual SWP/SJP Manual


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