Additional Services

A sound choice, whether you are looking for snow removal, milling, painting or dust suppression

Additional Services

Snow Removal – With our fleet of construction equipment, we are able to maintain your parking lot in the winter months. Whether you require snow removal or salt/sanding, we can get it done.

Milling – We have multiple sized machines capable of asphalt profiling. Whether you want your entire asphalt surface removed or bumps reduced, we have a solution for you.

Painting – Our crews are capable of painting any surface from parking lots to highways. Whether you are looking for conventional paint or durables, we have the product to meet your needs. Our mobile crews can complete any project in Western Canada.

Dust Suppression – With our construction crews and equipment we are capable of offering multiple dust suppression choices. Whether you want to apply water, calcium chloride or an asphalt based material we can guide you to ensure you choose the right product to meet your need.


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